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Our Best Features

AI-Powered Recommendations

AI-Powered Recommendations

Engage customers at the optimal time through the right channels, providing pre-built carts for seamless checkouts.

Loyalty Management

Loyalty Management

Integrate with your existing loyalty plans or let us design a custom loyalty program tailored to your business needs.

Business Inputs

Business Inputs

Promote specific products aligned with your business goals, not just hero products.

Customer Support Automation

Customer Support Automation

Automate 70% of customer queries with AI, transitioning to live agents when necessary for a high-touch experience.

Dedicated ML/AI Team

Dedicated ML/AI Team

Our experts continuously optimize your AI strategy to ensure it remains effective and up-to-date.

Business analytics


Our Business Benefits

We ensure meaningful interactions at every touchpoint, beyond just notifications.

  • 1

    40x ROAS

    Achieve significant returns on your ad spend.

  • 2

    Increased CLTV

    Boost customer lifetime value.

  • 3

    30% Reduction in Abandoned Carts

    Increase conversion rates.

  • 4

    25% Reduction in CS Enquiries

    Streamline customer service.


Affordable Price


$74/Month + 2.5% Per Successful Retained Customer


$349/Month + 2% Per Successful Retained Customer


$999/Month + 1.5% Per Successful Retained Customer


What Our Customers Are Saying

Customer 1 Customer 1

Purands is a game-changer! The assisted revenue feature makes AI easy and accessible for e-commerce. Love the category!

Ankit Gupta

Marketing Manager

Customer 2 Customer 1

"Purands has been a tremendous help. I used to handle 10 customer chats daily, but now it's mostly sorted by Purands. Highly recommend!

Morgan Lee


Customer 3 Customer 1

As a marketing lead, Purands has introduced a new way of doing marketing. It helps with the heavy lifting, giving us a chance to focus on our products and provide the best care to our returning customers.

Amanda Tan

Marketing Lead


Integrated with Shopify, WhatsApp, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, and more to seamlessly enhance your e-commerce operations.

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